Welcome, August!

I can’t believe how quickly the summer has gone by.

The first half of my summer was spent with friends, celebrating the sunshine and lounging around the pool. I had nothing to do but to be, and this relaxation period has put me in a positive mindset for the school year.

I made many new friends, people I would never have met if I didn’t spent the summer here. I had the opportunity to explore and experience more of Athens than I was able to during my freshman year. When the college kids leave at the end of the school year, Southern Ohio culture is even more noticeable.

Now it’s August, and I have started writing for Compass, an online news outlet for my university. ┬áBeing in a professional setting is a constant reminder of the school year quickly approaching.

On top of my internship, I work as a student ambassador for the Scripps College of Communication. I also have recently gotten a job at Big Mama’s, a mom-and-pop burrito eatery. I also am a full time student (17 credit hours) and an active member of APhiO, a co-ed service fraternity.

As I prepare for the for the upcoming school year, I have begun sorting through my apartment, packing things I won’t need for the school year. I’ve organized my notebooks and folders for the upcoming classes, and I’ve written out my classes for the fall in my planner.

I’m looking forward to going back to classes, and having friends from the school year return to campus.

One of the most important things I have focused on this summer is letting things go that are out of my control. Learning this has been beautiful. I am the time to worry about things that don’t matter until I’m sick. Not that I worry about unimportant things, ┬ábut things that I have no means of fixing or altering. I have practiced being happy with what is.

Summer in Athens was a dream. I was able to find serenity after a hectic school year (and before another one!) and for that, I am grateful.