3 steps that need to be in your reset routine

take time to catch up to get ahead

Sunday Scaries are a real thing. I am in denial that my weekend is ending.

Avoiding mundane, tedious tasks like the plague might seem like self-care at the time. I’d much rather spend my Sunday in pajamas, binge-watching Netflix and avoiding anything that may suggest Monday is coming and it brings obligations.

There are barely enough hours in the day while juggling school, work, volunteering, health, and social life. (The social life part is a joke). Errands are ignored, rooms become cluttered and our brains become a constant state of catch-up and chaos.

Recently, I have found that dedicating an afternoon or even a few hours to recharge can set the mood my entire week. I keep a weekly appointment with myself to organize, plan, and coordinate for the week ahead.


My bedroom is always the first space to get messy. I’m always on the go, so my dresser and desk catch miscellaneous items. Especially in the winter, I try to keep surfaces disinfected. I have clean laundry to put away, dirty laundry to wash. Perhaps there is truth to “clean space, clean mind.” Scented candles and freshly-washed sheets in a mess-free bedroom keep my life together. Music is a must (I’ve had Ariana Grande’s Sweetener on repeat) and I just get to it.

take note

Free writing is one of my favorite forms of journaling, especially if I am overwhelmed with everything upcoming. It is therapeutic af to let your brain wander and leave everything on the paper. After a free write, I can sort through my thoughts and take inventory of my life. Most of these random thoughts end up on a to-do list (Today, Soon, Later) or in a bullet journal. Usually if I have a lot to get out, I need to take time for extra self care.


Amy Landino’s time management strategies kicked off a google calendar obsession that has actually changed my life. If something is important enough that I can put it  on a to-do list, I need to make time for it. Google Calendar has kept me sane for college.

If I have busy days ahead, I will lay out clothes or other necessary items. I often pack lunch for class days, so Sunday is for meal preparation, too.

I have appointed Sunday’s as a time to check in with myself, both physically and mentally. Self care is incredibly important and what better day to do it than a normally lazy Sunday afternoon? After these Reset Day steps, I feel ready to conquer the world.

One thought on “3 steps that need to be in your reset routine

  1. I really like how you are finding a balance in your life. It takes time to figure out how to manage yourself and all the responsibilities in your life. Once you discover what works for you it is easier to enjoy life.


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