what’s in my bag?

I am on campus for 10 to 12 hours at a time. My backpack needs to be durable with a comfortable fit for long days. My first semester of college was as a post secondary student — meaning I took college classes in high school. My grandpa gave me this really unique Jansport bag that lasted me for four years. It lasted for years, I had such a hard time parting with it, so I decided to switch it to an overnight bag. I recently just replaced it with this one.

reusable water bottle

Filtered water in a reusable water bottle is cheaper and better for Mama Earth. Plus, bottled water is expensive and can be super noisy. There is concern about water bottles containing BPA plastic being harmful as heck so, go BPA free. There are water fountains everywhere on campus, too.

office supplies

I would love to say that I am one of the people that color code their folders and notebooks, but I am definitely not. I keep a pouch with pens, post-its, and index cards in my bag, but most of my notes are taken on my laptop or with a LiveScribe pen.

snacks and gum

I am on campus for at least two meals, so I try to bring light snacks to hold me over until I can get real food.


I religiously use a day planner to keep track of plans, events, classes, assignments, and extracurricular activities. Color-coding tasks is a great way to keep track of everything going on in your hectic schedule. I am obsessed with Google Calendar thanks to Amy Landino. I usually carry a small planner just to write down things I have coming up, but most of my actual planning is done on Google Calendar.

chargers, battery pack & headphones

Nothing says “do not talk to me before my 8 a.m.” like popping in headphones. It’s the perfect way to politely ignore people. If you’re like me, you suck at charging things the night before. Make sure you come to class, work, etc. with extra juice!


I usually have an ipsy bag with hair ties, Neosporin, band-aids, hand sanitizer and wet wipes everywhere I go. College kids are filthy. I don’t want germs.


So, here is my “what’s in my bag” college addition. I hope this helps old and new students alike plan and prepare for their classes and busy days away from home!


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