Monat Shampoo Review

A friend of mine, Claire, saw that I was a blogger and asked me to sample a haircare product and write about the results. Enthusiastically, I agreed. My hair is very damaged — from both coloring and using heat tools. I had hoped the Monat would fix, or at least help, the dryness and the frizz.

According to Claire, a Market Partner, Monat is an anti-aging haircare company, offering naturally based products. Manufactured in the USA, Monat is an $81 billion company, with sales growing 25 times over the projection in the first year of business.

Monat product line comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. However, there is a less than 1% return rate.

Monat has its own research and development laboratory, manufacturing facility, and distribution center. No inventory needs to be carried or deliveries to be made, Monat will ship straight to their customer. Marketed through social media, Monat has third party credibility through media coverage, national awards, celebrity endorsements, and more.

My hair is extremely damaged from heat, frizzy, and dry generally.

I tried the renew shampoo, hydration masque, and restore leave-in conditioner.

Check out Claire’s website:

I could not believe how much healthier my hair was after only one wash. It was stronger, shiny, and less frizzy. I was very pleased with the results – I didn’t expect the shampoo to instantly reverse damage.


Here are some before and after pictures:


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