Life Lessons From Grandpa

My grandfather has the most influence on my life. Looking back on my younger years, the lectures and lessons I heard time and time again have shaped the person I am today. As I begin to navigate my trek through young adulthood, it brings me great joy to see things my grandfather worked to teach me become more and more relevant. Reflecting on the lessons he strived to lock into my brain. A lifetime of knowledge and experience has made him, easily, the wisest man I know. I have been so blessed to have my grandparents play such an active role in my life. I am also blessed that he pushed lessons and life advice

You can’t hate people, you just have to roll their eyes when they don’t know what they’re doing.

My grandpa has a way with people. He is able to make a stranger crack a grin with even in the most grim situations. He has a way with people, and a way with words. I have seen my grandfather comfort, correct, convince and calm people many times. I am not so great with people, but I have learned that sometimes a situation is simply out of your hands. All you can do is respect people and hope things go in your favor.
Smile and the world will smile back

I spent a large portion of my teenage years sulky, angsty, and angry. My grandfather always reminded me that a bad day isn’t a bad life, and things will look up soon. I try to keep a positive attitude and look for good things to come. I know that happiness is a decision, and it’s a decision I try to make everyday.

You attract more bees with honey
My grandpa always taught me to be kind. He reminded me that those working customer service usually aren’t in control of this misfortunes they’re handing out. I was constantly being scolded for my language or my attitude, and as I grew older I began to work hard to maintain a good tone and attitude with anyone and everyone. As I entered the field of journalism, this was most beneficial — you never want to leave someone with a bad taste of you.  That person may be the first person you need to contact for a quote.


I am beyond blessed to have both grandparents, my grandfather filling me with knowledge and patience and love. I wish I had been more attentive when I was young, but naiveté left me less than curious about the world and people around me. I am so thankful that I can put these lessons from grandpa to the test in my everyday life.


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